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What is call recording for Android?

What is call recording for Android?

There are many reasons why smartphone users might want, or need, to record calls on their Android device, particularly for business reasons. As such, a quick Google search throws up multiple options and methods for doing so, from mobile apps to more enterprise-focused technologies.

5 things you need to know about mobile call recording

5 things you need to know about mobile call recording

Your business may or may not be one which is legally obligated to record its calls – but, whether you are or not, mobile call recording can benefit your business in many ways. In this blog we will outline 5 things you need to know about mobile call recording for your business.

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Mobile Call recording best practice

Mobiles are a ubiquitous presence in our lives nowadays, whether at home or at work. This ubiquity means that it has become extremely difficult to prevent business users from using their mobile for work alongside other devices, such as fixed phones. The convenience of using a mobile, whether issued by the employer or not, is simply too much. As a result, many organisations are trying to bring mobile devices within their policies, so that they can effectively manage them and ensure that users do not contravene company guidelines.

Call recording strategy

Key factors to consider when planning your mobile call recording strategy

The need for organisations to record mobile voice calls and digital communications, such as SMS has grown dramatically in recent years. There are many reasons for this – regulatory compliance, to enable mobile and flexible working, for quality assurance, and to create a richer set of auditable records, across multiple sources.

PDPA and GDPR are different

PDPA and GDPR are different. Learn more and ensure compliance for mobile call recording, quickly and easily.

Companies in Singapore are bound by the Personal Data Protection Act, or PDPA, which was introduced in 2012. It’s a broad set of regulations, which place certain requirements on companies when collecting and storing personal data that they accumulate through their daily activities and interactions with customers.

Mobile call recording

Mobile call recording on any device – simple, seamless compliance

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, which is helping businesses exploit new opportunities, become more agile and empower their employees with greater flexibility. At the same time, many businesses, particularly in the financial services sector, face new regulations to which they must ensure compliance.

MiFID compliance

How does MiFID compliance affect my business in Singapore?

MiFID II is an important new regulation that has an impact for some companies in Singapore, requiring them to meet new obligations. These include the need to record mobile voice calls and messaging. Are you impacted and do you know how to solve this challenge?

Touch and Singtel collaborate

Touch and Singtel collaborate to release innovative mobile voice and message recording service to business customers

Touch Call Recording Pte Ltd and Singtel, the leading provider of telecommunications services in Singapore join forces to deliver mobile voice and message recording as a service to the business community.

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