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What uptime and availability SLAs does your call recording provider offer?

What uptime and availability do you expect of your call recording solution ?

Touch Call Recording Service offers 100% availability, backed by comprehensive, 24x7 support and assurance.

In today’s rapidly moving 24x7 business environment, agility and flexibility are essential. So too, are uptime and ‘always on’ services, particularly as organisations increasingly embrace cloud-based infrastructures and service delivery models.

‘Downtime’ – when services or data are unavailable – means that an organisation cannot provide the services and products it offers, leading not only to lost revenue, but also to reputational damage and, ultimately, lost customers. As a result, the concepts of ‘uptime’ and ‘high availability’ are familiar considerations for almost all businesses today.

Uptime is usually defined within a Service Level Agreement (SLA) offered by a provider that guarantees to supply a service at an agreed, and optimum, level of availability and operational performance.

Three 9s is the bare minimum

‘ Three 9s’ (99.9%) is now a familiar term in the business lexicon. But perhaps what it less understood is that just 0.1% of downtime can add up to significant disruption to your business over the course of a year. In fact, three 9s (99.9%) equates to 8.77 hours per year, or 44 minutes  of downtime every month.

While some organisations – depending on the services they offer and the markets in which they operate – might be able to absorb this amount of downtime with little disruption to business, others may not. When it comes to call recording any downtime will lead to compliance  and personal data issues.

Touch Call Recording Service aims to be best in class when it comes to uptime and availability

Touch Call Recording Service delivers 100% system availability, guaranteeing performance for your business. We define availability as all of the following requirements of the service being fulfilled:

  1. Touch Call Recording Service is able to receive and handle recorded calls.
  2. Touch Call Recording Service database is up and running.
  3. A web user is able to log in to the Touch Web-Portal and use it.
  4. The duration from a call is finished until it is processed is less than 10 minutes.

All of this is backed by our stringent SLA. So, how important is an exceptional SLA for your business? Why not contact us today to find out how we can give you the performance you need?

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