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Transforming compliance management in Singapore with Touch Call Recording

Transforming compliance management in Singapore with Touch Call Recording

Singapore is a vibrant, dynamic landscape for business. In such a competitive environment, companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance their communication systems, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve customer interactions. That’s why a robust call recording service is essential.

With nearly 600,000 organisations, Singapore offers a vibrant, dynamic landscape for business. It’s also one in which compliance to regulations is essential – particularly when it comes to call recording. A robust call recording can do more than ensure compliance for Singapore-based businesses – it can also help streamline operations and improve customer interactions.

For businesses in Singapore, agility matters – a fast-moving environment, regulatory oversight, customer service delivery, and data security are just a few of the challenges they must wrestle with.

Digital transformation helps companies improve operations and to meet compliance obligations. But it’s important to ensure that solutions chosen to effect transformation are tightly integrated with others. That’s particularly true when it comes to call recording, whether to meet regulatory obligations, or to optimise customer service.

Our solution — Touch Call Recording Service — offers seamless integration capabilities with over 55 communication systems, including Singtel mobile phones, Microsoft Teams, and all modern PBXs. It’s a transformative solution for businesses in Singapore that offers many benefits.

It can help Singapore businesses to streamline operations, fortify data security, and provide invaluable insights into customer interactions, while ensuring adherence to the stringent regulatory environment of the city-state. 

Compliance with PDPA and MAS regulations

Importantly, it ensures compliance with Singapore's data protection and privacy regulations such as the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) so that businesses can rest assured that they are meeting all their compliance requirements and securely and lawfully meeting Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulations.  

Touch Call Recording Service also offers exceptional levels of security as part of an ISO27001 certified information system. Calls and digital communications are immediately available in Touch Web-Portal on completion of the conversation.

All recordings are encrypted, according to ETSI TR 102 661. First, a new, random secret key is generated for each data file (AES, 256 bits). The secret key is then encrypted with an RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm with a key length of 2,048 bits. The encrypted, secret key is then stored in the database – and mirrored to our geo-redundant site – together with the encrypted data file.

Such a strong level of security is imperative for protecting recorded data, protecting sensitive business and customer information, which is a critical requirement for companies operating in Singapore's digital-first economy. 

Streamlined business processes

By automating call recording processes, Touch Call Recording Service can streamline business operations, reducing manual effort, and ensuring that critical communications are captured and stored efficiently. It offers multiple customisable features in terms of call recording modes.

Always-on call recording is useful for financial services companies, that, under MAS for example, might need to record every call. Once users are on-boarded, all calls are recorded automatically. In this case, the service cannot be turned off or accessed by employees – each call is simply automatically recorded – ensuring tamper-proof call recording. No human intervention is required. It also provides a cast-iron audit trail for compliance and dispute resolution.

It’s also possible to add further rules, such as whitelists to exclude calls from certain numbers, or other policy-based rules.

For compliance recording for Microsoft Teams, our service has options for the configuration of our ‘On-Demand’ recording mode. These are:

  • ‘On-Demand’
  • ‘On-demand delete’
  • ‘On-demand keep’

‘On-demand delete’ is useful when only some calls need to be recorded. All calls are recorded from the start, but the customer agent or financial advisor has the option to turn off recording during the call or communication if they become aware that there is no need to record it, for example, if it’s just a general enquiry. The recording is then discarded.

‘On-demand keep’ enables advisors to switch call recording on during a call or digital communication if they think it should be recorded as it progresses. Likewise, ‘On-demand keep’ might be used to record only certain calls for training purposes. This allows organisations to enhance customer service through quality assurance, allowing businesses to review calls for training purposes and improve customer interaction quality. 

Network-based recording

Touch Call Recording’s network-based solution requires no software or hardware deployments and offers smooth integration into existing business procedures eliminating disruption to operations and risk. 

Our service also offers elastic scalability ensuring that it can accommodate the growth of Singaporean companies, from SMEs to large enterprises, without compromising on service quality or compliance.

Our strategic implementation of Touch Call Recording Service on Singapore-based data centre infrastructure offers businesses a robust, scalable, and secure platform for their call recording needs.

This local deployment ensures optimal performance, and adherence to Singapore’s data sovereignty requirements. It also enables Singaporean companies to manage and analyse their communication data with confidence, knowing that their infrastructure is within their regulatory and geographical boundaries. 

Finally, Touch supports remote and hybrid work models to support flexible working arrangements – essential in a digital-based flexible working environment such as that in Singapore. Our service esnures secure and compliant call recording across various devices and locations, wherever your teams are working. 

So, to find out more contact us today.

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