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Touch becomes latest member of NBAS

Touch is delighted to announce that is has recently joined the Norwegian Business Association of Singapore (NBAS), another step in the road to achieve our goal of delivering secure, scalable call recording services to businesses throughout Asia.

We have been delivering our Call Recording as a Service solution throughout Norway, the Nordics and Europe since 2010, and launched in Asia in 2018, with Singapore the first natural first step to achieving that goal. Joining NBAS cements our continuing presence and success in the region.

After the announcement, NBAS spoke to our Asia CEO, Kjetil Aaboe, about Touch, our products, and his experience so far in Singapore[1]. After settling in Singapore with his family, Kjetil was approached by company CEO – and life-long friend – Even Hovde, and after launching in Singapore successfully, he helped Touch cement our excellent partnership with Singtel.

Touch Call Recording as a Service

Touch Call Recording Pte Ltd, the Singaporean branch of Touch, was established in February 2018, and we released our award-winning Call Recording as a Service the year after. In June 2020, Touch expanded in the region by setting up our own unique and dedicated recording and data centre in Singapore.

Many businesses in Singapore work, or have worked, with partners in the EU, which makes them subject to legislation such as the Markets in Financial instruments Directive 2014/65/EU (known as MiFID II). This mandates the recording of all calls that relate to key financial transactions – and from all digital channels, with the aim of providing better protection for investors and a clear audit trail for financial services companies.

Likewise, they are subject to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), as well as other local, regional, international and industry regulations and legislation around the recording of calls and data conversations.

Touch compliance call recording for businesses in Asia

Touch Call Recording Service ensures compliance for Singaporean businesses enabling them to meet all of these requirements across more than 40 digital communications channels and solutions, including landlines, PBXs, mobile phones, social media, Microsoft Teams, and many others.

In addition to compliance, our service offers self-training, leader supervision, documentation, dispute resolution, quality assurance, risk management, audit trails, and more. By recording calls and communication, companies may increase their productivity, unlock performance insights and improve customer service.

Furthermore, as a network-based, real-time mobile voice and text recording service, it requires no hardware or software installation.  

“Our expertise means that you don’t need training or to dedicate resources, boosting your productivity and efficiency” says Kjetil.

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Data ownership: Regain control of your call recordings

Many call recording solutions use proprietary technologies and formats for storing and reviewing recorded files, raising the question of who actually owns the data – or how easy it is to access. With Touch Call Recording Service all data is converted to and stored as open, standardised files, ensuring that your data remains your own.

Meeting complex compliance recording requirements for businesses in Singapore

Businesses in Singapore need to meet multiple, often complex, compliance obligations, including PDPA, MAS regulations, MiFID II and, in some cases, Dodd-Frank. Touch has been helping multinational organisations to meet these challenges for decades.

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