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The stellar growth of Microsoft Teams. Is it a part of your compliance recording programmes?

The stellar growth of Microsoft Teams. Is it a part of your compliance recording programmes?

The adoption of Microsoft Teams has surged in the last year as remote working and collaboration become the ‘new norm’. Many organisations use Teams to enable agility and flexibility by allowing employees to collaborate from anywhere. But it also means that MS Teams and other enterprise communication channels need to be fully integrated and aligned with recording solutions to ensure compliance with financial regulations as well as Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Over the last year, adoption of MS Teams has surged. During the early stages of the pandemic, for example, it grew from 44 million daily active users in March 2020 to 115 million by October, according to Microsoft. No doubt this was accelerated by the unexpected and sudden requirement to embrace remote and hybrid working models that have enabled organisations to remain agile and resilient in this ‘new norm’.

MS Teams enables agility and flexibility

Initially driven by video conferencing, the adoption of MS Teams has quickly become a lifeline for organisations by enabling communication between employees and customers working remotely or from multiple sites, and has grown to embrace ‘remote everything’, integrating meetings, chat, calls, collaboration, third-party apps, and business processes into a single platform.

Even before the pandemic, MS Teams was being embraced as a key productivity and collaboration tool available in 181 countries and 44 languages.. It’s included as part of the Office 365 subscription that many organisations already pay for and provides a familiar but much richer user experience than Skype for Business.

It means that users don’t just use Teams to attend a conference call, rather they are likely to remain using Teams for the entire day. Team users can easily manage and participate in meetings, and calls can be made from team to team, or as external calls over telecom operator networks.

And it’s not just large enterprises that benefit, but also smaller organisations are embracing the platform to enable fast collaboration.

However, for all enterprises independent of their size this still means that Teams must be aligned with existing recording and compliance programmes.

MS Teams and Touch integrated call recording

Call recording is a crucial and relevant consideration for many organisations today. Ever-stringent compliance regulations – such as the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), Dodd-Frank Act and MiFID II, to name a few – combined with the increasing number of communication channels, mean that a secure, multi-channel recording solution is essential.

It not only ensures compliance, but also enables quality assurance, better agent training, an audit trail, and improved business analysis and insight. That’s why businesses must consider security, ease-of-use, accessibility, and compliance when it comes to recording calls not just in MS Teams, but across every communication channel.

The Touch Call Recording Service is a managed service that is already integrated with MS Teams, enabling compliance recording for all calls to and from any device with a Teams client, whether PC, Mac, mobile phone, or iPad.

It also integrates with over 40 other channels too, ensuring that every call and communication is captured and securely stored for as long as compliance or business performance obligations require.

Touch Call Recording for MS Teams – it just works

The Touch Call Recording Service for MS Teams requires no new hardware or additional IT support. It’s a managed service that can record calls across multiple enterprise platforms – from fixed lines and VoIP to MS Teams. Put simply, it’s a complete solution for integrating Teams into recording policies and programmes.

All calls in MS Teams are recorded automatically, without the need for user intervention. Touch Call Recording Service also features an intuitive web-portal that allows authorised personnel to access and retrieve recorded calls, ensuring that businesses will never lose access to their data and that only secure users can access data.

On-boarding of users is quick and efficient – whether you are an existing user of MS Teams or looking to adopt and integrate it into your compliance recording programme. Whether calls are one-on-one or group conversations, call recording is automatic.

Touch provides a single, secure platform for call recording across multiple channels

Not only does Touch Call Recording Service enable organisations to extend their recording programmes to cover MS Teams, but it also integrates with all major enterprise collaboration and communication channels, including Mitel, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Avaya, Refinitiv, Bloomberg, and so on.

A key benefit is that the process is seamless – just like with the standard Touch Call Recording Service – across all channels. Call recording just works, with no user intervention required, and guaranteed compliance with international, national and industry regulations.

So, if you are a Microsoft Teams user and you need to record calls for compliance or other purposes, just let us know. We can ensure that you bring Microsoft Teams into your recording programmes – as well as any other communication channel – quickly and easily.



Written on 1 April 2021
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