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Multi-channel recording: a complete managed call recording service with full integration to your PBX

Multi-channel recording: a complete managed call recording service with full integration to your PBX

Many organisations still rely on PBX solutions for customer calls, but other communication channels are also widely used for conversations and interaction with customers. These include mobile phone, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms. So, if you need to record customer conversations, how do you keep up? Is your call recording solution fit-for-purpose?

Whether you require a legacy on-premise, cloud hosted, or hybrid PBX call recording solution, Touch has the answer. We support all major PBX and phone systems used by enterprises a part of our multi-channel recording approach.

Call recording is now a necessity for many organisations following the introduction of increasingly stringent and complex regulations, such as MiFID II, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), around financial transparency, security, privacy and the use of personal data – as well as new initiatives to support quality assurance and to enhance staff training.

Most organisations are now all too aware of their compliance obligations, however meeting that challenge is proving more complex than expected. For example, many organisations are likely to have on-premise PBXs – which remain an important communications tool. However, while some of these offer integrated recording capabilities, these may not be aligned with today’s multi-channel environment.

Is your legacy on-premise PBX call recording solution fit for purpose?

Furthermore, the role of the on-premise PBX has been highlighted and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic – with most employees being asked to work from home where possible and therefore using a wider range of communications channels.

Unfortunately, many legacy systems and platforms, are likely to be unfit for purpose, or require a substantial upgrade to bring them into line with all your different digital channels. Legacy solutions based on on-premise hardware, cannot record fixed, mobile and VoIP calls made by employees working from home, or remotely – or those made on different applications, such as MS Teams.

Taken together, this means that organisations require a multi-channel recording service that can record on-demand across fixed and mobile phones, PBXs, VoIP solutions, SMS, and other electronic communications, such as email, regardless of the user’s location. The same platform must also be secure, easy to implement, intuitive to use, cost effective, and with near-limitless storage capacity.

Arguably, the most important aspect of call recording is that it must be multichannel – incorporating mobile, fixed and data communications, such as email and live chat, as well as legacy enterprise and communications apps.

State-of-the-art meets legacy PBX call recording in a single platform

What is needed, therefore, is a solution – or managed service – that can provide a state-of-the-art call recording solution that can also seamlessly integrate communications infrastructure, such as PBXs from different vendors. All without the need for large, costly, and time-consuming IT projects and investments.

This is where Touch can help to provide the precise solution for your organisation’s needs. We have decades of experience of providing integrated call recording solutions and services, as a complete managed service, including integration to any PBX system.

Proven PBX Integrations

Touch PBX Recorder offers nearly 30 proven PBX integrations, including Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, Unify, Alcatel-Lucent, and more, to ensure full compatibility and seamless integration with any enterprise voice system. Some of the PBX systems supported can be viewed here. We provide this as a part of the complete service offering.

Importantly, Touch PBX Recorder can also be adapted to any vendor- or enterprise-specific API, meaning that any enterprise telephony system can be integrated into a single, modern, call recording platform, regardless of your preferred deployment type. It means that our solutions are compatible with all relevant interfaces, covering legacy ISDN, as well as VoIP and SIP.

Put simply, Touch Call Recording Service is an all-in-one, multi-channel, managed service that can be integrated with any hosted and on-premise PBX technologies, enterprise chat-based channels, and operator networks. And, as it’s delivered as a service, it avoids the need for costly and disruptive system replacements and upgrades. This makes it easy for us to onboard customers and to help you meet all relevant legislation.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out how we can solve your call recording challenges.

Written on 4 March 2021
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