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Mobile call recording on any device – simple, seamless compliance

Mobile call recording

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, which is helping businesses exploit new opportunities, become more agile and empower their employees with greater flexibility. At the same time, many businesses, particularly in the financial services sector, face new regulations to which they must ensure compliance.

One of these – MiFID II – places requirements on businesses to record conversations between employees and their customers. That used to be easy, when businesses relied on fixed telephony systems. But, with the growing dependence on mobile devices, businesses need to ensure that they meet the requirements of regulations so that they can secure the benefits of mobility and enable their staff to work remotely, flexibly or when travelling.

As such, there’s a clear need to be able to record mobile calls for compliance and other purposes. And, it’s essential that this process is seamless and can work regardless of the device used by employees. How can this be achieved, without sacrificing the agility and flexibility from which they benefit or by restricting the ability of their staff to deliver?

How can our mobile call recording solution help you?

Touch Mobile Call Recording Service offers a completely seamless and professional solution. It records calls and messages directly in the mobile network, without the need to install mobile call recording apps or other apps on employee devices, or to deploy any other infrastructure or hardware.

Recording takes place automatically, regardless of the device. There’s no user control and recording takes place according to the compliance policies of the organisation. All recordings are easily accessible from an easy-to-use web interface, which offers advanced search capabilities. Recordings are securely stored, with protected access, ensuring compliance not only with MiFID II, but also with other regulations, such as GDPR and PDPA, for example.

Touch mobile call recording service provides a convenient way for businesses, to offer their employees a complete, net-centric mobile call recording solution, regardless of the devices connected.

The powerful mobile call recording solutions allows a rich, seamless call recording service, across multiple channels and verticals, ensuring that enterprises meet their compliance requirements and business goals.

Since no deployment of any kind is necessary, there is no business disruption during setup and no changes to the way users make calls or send messages. Best practices are simply extended to their mobile devices.

To find out how Touch’s network-centric mobile call recording service can help your organisation, contact us today.

Written on 15 May 2019
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