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Key factors to consider when planning your call recording strategy

The obligation for organisations to record fixed and mobile calls, as well as digital communications, has grown dramatically in recent years in order to comply with regulatory mandates, enhance staff training and development, and create a richer set of auditable records, across all communication sources.

Call recording has had a long history, having emerged in the 1890s to meet a variety of purposes. Today, call recording offers benefits for most organisations, whether for legal or compliance reasons, quality assurance, and management, staff training or documenting advisory and transactions.

As the ways in which we communicate evolve, so does mobile and data call recording. However, this places great demands on legacy solutions – such as on-premise switchboards and PBXs – leaving them no longer fit for purpose. On-premise solutions require expensive hardware investment for installation upgrades and maintenance, as well as expert resources, licenses, and storage hardware.

Multi-channel call recording          

At the same time, we communicate via an ever-growing list of channels – including fixed phones, mobile phones, IP phones, SMS, MS Teams, Chat, enterprise solutions, and more – meaning that the call recording challenges are much greater.

In addition, the Asia-Pacific region has seen an unprecedented raft of new compliance regulations and privacy data rules in recent years, as well as amendments to existing rules, meaning that organisations are struggling to keep pace with their call and digital recording obligations. Many countries seem to have their own set of similar, but unique, requirements, meaning that cross-border call recording strategies are somewhat of a minefield.

Many organisations also have internal data security requirements to adhere to, making multi-channel call recording strategies resource-heavy and complex to implement. That’s why it’s so important to make the right choice when selecting a call recording solution.

Fortunately, a comprehensive paper from Touch – entitled “An introduction to call recording: Key factors to consider when planning your call recording strategy” – explores what call recording means, the primary considerations to take into account when matching requirements, and the needs that can match with available technology. It provides an in-depth guide to help your decision-making process.

Touch call recording as a managed service

Touch Call Recording Service, whereby the call recording capability is supplied as a managed service, is a network-based solution that covers more than 50 channels, backed by decades of our industry-leading expertise. The Touch service also provides exceptional data security, geo-redundant data storage, and a high-availability SLA. Our technological and compliance roadmap means that you will always remain current and up-to-date with all compliance obligations, without having to undergo any software or hardware updates. Our service, just works and requires no input from you.

To explore the full list of requirements and the considerations you need to make when choosing a mobile call recording service, and what Touch Call Recording Service can bring to your organisation, please download a copy of the full white paper below. 

Explore touch call recording

Touch call recording

Transforming compliance management in Singapore with Touch Call Recording

Singapore is a vibrant, dynamic landscape for business. In such a competitive environment, companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance their communication systems, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve customer interactions. That’s why a robust call recording service is essential.

Data security – are your call recordings secure?

The need to ensure that call and digital recordings are stored securely is a universal obligation for businesses in the Asia-Pacific region, even though there may be local differences in the regulations governing personal data and financial transactions.

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