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How to Record Mobile Phone Calls

How to Record Mobile Phone Calls

Many organisations, particularly those in the financial services industry, routinely record calls between their staff and customers. With mobiles increasingly being used across the business community, it’s important to ensure that these can be included within any call recording programme. In this post, we’ll explore the optimum way in which businesses can record mobile phone calls.

Why businesses record calls

Organisations record calls for several reasons. For many, the most important reason is to meet regulatory requirement. In today's digital world, consumers are concerned with the privacy and security of their data. Many countries have responded to those concerns with legislation directing businesses to record and store calls.

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is a prominent example of such legislation. Businesses in Singapore must follow these rules. Similarly, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) covers almost every financial services professional in the EU – and companies that do business in the EU, even if they are not located there. The regulation specifies rules for recording calls as well as storage and accessibility of the recordings.

Apart from regulations, several businesses record calls for quality assurance purposes. Recording calls allows managers to monitor employees when they resolve customer queries or close sales deals. Recorded calls can also be used for onboarding and training new employees. It is easy for trainers to show how experienced agents solve customer problems with a recorded call.

Some organisations use call recording to improve their product or service. Analysing recorded calls may give valuable insight into potential problems or new avenues to exploit. Finally, call recording provides a clear audit trail and record of customer interactions, which is handy for ensuring dispute resolution.  

Mobile Call Recording

If recording calls is important to a business, mobile call recording is perhaps even more so. Mobility and remote working are a part of working life in most organisations today. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make remote working possible for workers.

It means companies should have a system that records calls on mobile devices, not just fixed lines or VoIP phones. If a business relies on call recording for collecting and analysing data, they cannot afford to miss mobile calls. A business loses the opportunity to record important conversations if users switch between mobile and fixed-line phones. Few companies want to deal with separate solutions for each type of communications, so a system that can record every single call is necessary.

Touch Call Recording

The Touch Call Recording Service is the perfect solution for businesses looking to record mobile calls. It is a managed service, so companies do not have to worry about purchasing new hardware or software. The service is integrated with Singtel’s mobile network and does not require additional resources such as bandwidth or storage.

The Touch Call Recording Service is also comprehensive and encompasses every type of enterprise communications system.  It can record calls made on fixed lines, mobile devices, and even Skype/ Teams. It ensures that every business call is recorded whether it is for quality, training or regulatory purposes.

Since the Touch service is not an app, there is no need for manual intervention. Recording takes place automatically, in the network, so there is no user involvement. Recorded calls are not stored locally on the device. As a result, businesses obtain peace of mind, in the event that any devices are lost or stolen. Recordings cannot be accessed from any device.

Calls recorded by the Touch Call Recording Service are stored in secure data centres. The data is mirrored, so data is always accessible. Businesses can also set access rights for authorised personnel. It ensures the security and privacy of data which is critical for any organisation.

Mobility is vital for businesses which means a comprehensive solution for recording calls is necessary. The Touch Call Recording Service is a world-class solution that makes it easy for organisations to record mobile calls.


Written on 30 July 2020
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