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Easy provisioning of Touch Call Recording Service for any mobile user

Easy provisioning of Touch Call Recording Service for any mobile user

The rise of remote working and BYOD policies means that a network-based call recording service is the only option for effective compliance and quality assurance. Touch Call Recording Service is a comprehensive, network-based call recording service that ensures peace of mind.

Touch Call Recording Service is fully integrated with Singtel’s mobile network and, as a certified partner, we have a strong commercial and technical partnership.

According to the GSMA, the number of people accessing mobile services is set to grow from 2.8 billion at the end of 2019 (accounting for 66% of the population) to over 3 billion (70% of the population) by 2025.[1] The Asia Pacific region will account for over half of the world’s new mobile subscribers during that period.

Mobile device use for work has serious implications for call recording and compliance

The same report also provides an interesting snapshot of the Singaporean market. It states that mobile subscriber penetration will grow from 88% of the population in 2019 to 90% by 2025, by which time 4G will account for 65% of all mobile connections, with 5G taking a significant slice of the 4G pie to account for 34% of all mobile subscriptions by 2025 (compared to 0% in 2019). Importantly, smartphones will account for 89% of all mobile devices by 2025, reflecting their growing use for both business and leisure.

According to CrowdStrike's 2020 Work Security Index, an online poll of 4,048 senior decision makers (252 from Singapore) conducted by YouGov, 74% of Singaporeans have been working from home more than they did before over the last year.[2] Notably, 70% of respondents in Singapore stated that they were using their personal devices to perform work duties.

This not only has security implications, it also has significant ramifications for compliance. With employees using a mix of corporate-issue and personal devices, and a range of enterprise and third-party applications, including mobile calls, MS Teams, chat, email, corporate PBXs and other enterprise apps, to perform work duties, it becomes vital to maintain the integrity of corporate compliance strategies.

App-based solutions for mobile call recording are not ‘fit for purpose’

But, with such a mix of channels and devices, how can enterprises ensure that they are still meeting their compliance obligations – including the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), MAS regulations, Dodd-Frank and MiFID II, to name a few – wherever their employees choose to work? How can you record calls if your business relies on mobile phones and smartphones extensively?

App-based, third-party solutions are not an option. A quick internet search reveals multiple app-based solutions that enable the recording of calls on mobile devices. However, there are a number of significant drawbacks with such solutions:

  • An app-based solution may not capture call metadata – information on the caller, number, duration, and so on.
  • Recorded calls reside on the user device, which creates the opportunity for them to be tampered with.
  • Users can uninstall or disable mobile call recording – which violates most regulations.

Touch Call Recording Service is a network-based solution that supports multi-channel compliance

The alternative is to use a network-based solution. The Touch Call Recording Service resides in the mobile network connected directly to the mobile infrastructure responsible for routing calls and media.

Because it’s a fully automated service, it cannot be disabled by the user. The service just works in the mobile network. The Touch Call Recording Service requires no app or software download/licence and no infrastructure in the enterprise. Call recording is automated and seamless, needing no action from the users.

New users can be on-boarded/provisioned quickly and easily by an automated procedure. In addition, the support organisation monitors all user changes and quality assurance procedures are observed at all times.

Mobile call (and data) recordings are transferred straight to our globally distributed secure data centres via secure connections, where the data is encrypted replicated and mirrored to our secure disaster recovery site. Because recordings are not stored on the device, they cannot be tampered with, and even if the device is lost, recordings can still be easily retrieved.

The benefits of using Touch Recording Service

The Touch service offers many advantages to businesses. Some of them are:

  1. It captures all metadata related to calls – caller number, call duration, timestamps, and so on.
  2. The Touch service is fully automated, with no need for manual intervention.
  3. The service is tamper-proof since users cannot access the recordings or disable call recording at all.
  4. Your recorded calls are protected even if the device is lost or stolen.
  5. The service is not tied to a specific operating system or device. That means you do not have to force employees to use one or two models. Users are free to use the hardware of their choice – supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.
  6. Saves costs because you do not have to buy new phones, servers, or apps.
  7. Recording calls is automated, seamless, and happens in the background. It will not affect the performance or productivity of workers.
  8. Businesses can set access control and authorise specific people who can listen to recorded calls.
  9. Authorised personnel can access recorded calls through an easy-to-use Web-Portal.

Touch Call Recording Service is a flexible solution that ensures you meet legal obligations, with no disruption, reducing costs and ensuring effective coverage. It also supports KPIs and SLAs, optimised quality assurance through staff training, protection against disputes, and provides audit trails.

As a trusted and confident partner, we are proud to state that we have a rich heritage of working with high-profile customers across a range of different sectors. Put simply, we provide a comprehensive and complete managed recording service that supports international regulations and compliance obligations – regardless of the device employees choose to use.

To find out more about how Touch can help to protect your business by ensuring compliance with industry legislation, wherever you operate, with a comprehensive, secure and reliable network-based managed call recording service, contact us today.


[1] https://www.gsma.com/mobileeconomy/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/GSMA_MobileEconomy_2020_AsiaPacific.pdf

[2] https://www.crowdstrike.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/work-security-index-infographic.pdf

Written on 24 June 2021
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