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Data ownership: Regain control of your call recordings

Data ownership: Regain control of your call recordings

Many call recording solutions use proprietary technologies and formats for storing and reviewing recorded files, raising the question of who actually owns the data – or how easy it is to access. With Touch Call Recording Service all data is converted to and stored as open, standardised files, ensuring that your data remains your own.

Organisations record calls and digital communications for a multitude of reasons – for compliance purposes (to meet MAS regulations, and MiFID II or Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) rules for example), for contact centre advisor training purposes, for audit trails, or simply to unlock hidden value in customer data.

Each recording should then be encrypted and stored redundantly, with secure and non-proprietary access capabilities for certified personnel. Unfortunately, unlike Touch, not all call recording services and tools offer that simplicity.

Another challenge for organisations that are required to – or want to – store fixed and mobile voice calls, digital communications over applications such as MS Teams, chat, and SMS, as well as calls over PBX systems is avoiding siloes of data from multiple channels some, or all, of which may be stored in a proprietary format.

Who owns your call and data recordings?

This issue of data format creates another issue: Who owns the data? If your call recordings are stored in a proprietary format by your call recording service provider, it makes it difficult to migrate to a new technology or provider and leads to vendor lock-in, leaving many organisations wondering whether they are actually in control of their own call recordings.

With Touch Call Recording Service, we ensure that your data remains your data. From the start of every customer relationship that we build, we offer a complete translation and migration service that can take care of any form of encryption and convert it into any non-proprietary format of your choice.

We can back this claim up with years of experience managing complex call recording data migrations from legacy systems and proprietary data formats for multinational organisations, including financial services institutions, call centres and contact centres. We also provide rigorous SLAs to ensure hassle-free data and service migration, without any disruption to your business.

Our unique process converts proprietary recordings into a standardised format with open standards – such as WAV or MP3, and more. Importantly, all metadata associated with files is also migrated as part of each recording.

Touch stores all call recordings as open, standardised files

We do recommend that all files are stored as WAV or MP3 format, with all metadata stored as part of the file name for easy filing. Importantly, however, the choice is completely yours.

The encrypted data stored in our geo-redundant storage facilities remains totally transparent to you, and only you. That’s why we use open standards that allow playback and review on any device or player – it means that you’re not tied to a proprietary player or locked into a particular technology.

While we offer an open standards approach, be rest assured that all data is fully protected using advanced encryption. Our service is maintained as part of an ISO27001 certified information system.

Robust access control and audit logs for call recording data

We also recommend that robust access control and audit logs are in place to ensure that you remain in control of your data. Access control is highly granular and allows authorised personnel to share a single recording with a single user for a specific time period, without the recording ever leaving the retention system.

Data can be played back or reviewed on any player, ensuring that you are not locked-in to a specific vendor or data format and, importantly, are ready to face the compliance future with confidence.

Put simply, Touch Call Recording Service hands control of your data back to you. It’s translated into an open, non-proprietary format of your choice, regardless of your legacy infrastructure. Of course, we are always ready to share our extensive expertise to help you make the right choice for your organisation.

Importantly, our service just works. On-boarding is quick and easy.

So, if you would like to regain control of your data, remove siloes, and face the compliance future with confidence and clarity, get in touch today.

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