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Comprehensive, multi-channel compliance recording for Refinitiv Messenger

Comprehensive, multi-channel compliance recording for Refinitiv Messenger

As one of the most competitive financial regions in the world, much of the Asia Pacific financial industry relies on the data Refinitiv Messenger provides. This also means that meeting compliance obligations requires a comprehensive call recording strategy that covers not just Refinitiv Messenger, but all other communications channels.

Asian cities dominate the latest list of most competitive financial centres in the world. Six of the Top 10 in the biannual Global Financial Centres Index compiled by the Z/Yen Group in cooperation with the China Development Institute are Asian hubs.

Hong Kong and Singapore occupy third and fourth in the list behind New York and London, with Shanghai ranked fifth[1]. Beijing and Tokyo also make the Top 10. It means that the region’s financial services industry relies on the supply of real-time, insightful market data, and requires instant communication between institutions and colleagues to stay ahead of the game.

Refinitiv Messenger is one of the most popular financial applications in the region, with a global directory of over 310,000 validated financial professionals at more than 40,000 organisations in over 190 countries around the world.

Refinitiv Messenger: a multi-channel collaboration tool

Refinitiv Messenger provides access to real-time market data and news, financial trading, and analytics, as well as a comprehensive real-time messaging tool, which is available as a desktop client, smartphone app or via a Web interface.

Many organisations depend on the Refinitiv Messenger app, which is available on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices and is automatically synchronised across all clients. The app provides an open, secure collaboration tool for the financial community, with seamless integration into other IM applications.

Its APIs enable integration with other services allowing Refinitiv Messenger users to communicate with consumer IM networks, such as AOL, Instant Messenger, Yahoo and MSN, as well as with other enterprise users on Microsoft Office Server, IBM Lotus Sametime and Cisco Jabber XCP, to name a few.

As a result, the Refinitiv Messenger chat service is an essential productivity and communications tool for the financial industry.

Meeting compliance obligations with Refinitiv Messenger

A major challenge for financial organisations in the region is that of meeting the growing number of compliance obligations that have been introduced over the last decade. The challenge is exacerbated by the fact that many firms in the region have operations across multiple jurisdictions.

Asia Pacific firms, depending on their activity, need to be aware of MiFID and MiFID II, Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), General Data Protection Act (GDPR), Dodd-Frank, and the upcoming Basel III reforms. MiFID II, for example, requires that all conversations that may lead to a financial transaction must be recorded, securely stored, and easily accessed.

Most compliance obligations require the recording of fixed and mobile calls and video calls, as well as data communications via SMS, text, IM, email, and enterprise applications such as Refinitiv and Bloomberg. This requirement is made more complicated by the increase in remote and home working.

Put simply, organisations need a comprehensive, multi-channel call recording strategy and a solution that offers that. Refinitiv Messenger represents just a single channel. Employees today use a wide range of applications and devices to communicate. It’s not enough to record individual channels in isolation: organisations need to consider how to integrate all digital channels across the organisation.

So, all communications channels must be integrated into a comprehensive recording environment. This requires a holistic approach that connects all data silos to ensure absolute coverage with no compliance gaps.

How can organisations integrate recording capabilities across multiple chat applications and services quickly and easily and record and store them consistently to meet their compliance obligations?

Touch Call Recording Service for Refinitiv Messenger

Touch Call Recording Service solves this problem by providing a comprehensive solution for the recording of Refinitiv Messenger, as well as over 50 other channels, including (but not limited to) fixed and mobile calls, SMS, IM, MS Teams, and other enterprise applications.

Touch Call Recording and Storage can adapt to any chat interface using APIs to provide a single portal for managing recording, storage, and access and security across almost every channel in your business. This not only saves operational overheads and simplifies management, but also ensures end-to-end compliance.

Touch Call Recording Service is integrated with your communication channels, so it automatically records calls and communications (the service can be managed via a simple intuitive web interface), encrypts them, and then consolidates all recordings into a geo-redundant secure storage repository – all on a single platform.

It provides ease of management, secure access, is tamper-proof, and requires no user input required. In short, it just works.

Automatic, secure call recording from Touch

Because the solution is securely hosted in the network, it requires no additional infrastructure or complex installation – chat conversations are simply captured and stored as text or XML files (with all associated metadata) – minimising cost and disruption. At the same time, users can be on-boarded or removed from the service quickly and easily.

All communications are stored in Touch Storage Centre – a highly secure, massively scalable and geo-redundant storage service. It means that the entire customer dialogue is automatically recorded, encrypted, and securely stored.

Touch can be activated for your Refinitiv Messenger or any other interface, meaning that all your communications are compliant in a single compliance solution that requires no installation or capital expenditure. It’s the ideal solution for today’s multi-channel communications environment.

So, if you’re concerned about how to record Refinitiv Messenger chat alongside other channels, why not talk to us today and find out how we can help?





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