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Call recording for on-premise Avaya PBX deployments and a growing diversity of communications solutions

Call recording for on-premise Avaya PBX deployments and a growing diversity of communications solutions

Avaya is one of the leading on-premise PBX vendors in Asia Pacific, with thousands of on-premise solutions active. It means that a unified call recording strategy, encompassing legacy and a growing number of communications solutions, is essential to meet compliance obligations and business requirements.

Avaya has been the undisputed market leader in on-premise PBX solutions in Asia Pacific for decades. At one point, Avaya IP-PBX solutions accounted for over one-third of the entire Asia Pacific market share[1]. As such, on-premise Avaya PBXs remain an essential communications tool for businesses in the region.

Avaya: Leading PBX provider in Asia Pacific

It means that businesses in the region need to be able to integrate on-premise Avaya PBX solutions – as well as a growing number of diverse on-premise and cloud enterprise applications – into a unified, multi-channel compliance call recording strategy. Of course, that’s not to mention voice and mobile calls, and SMS.

All communications solutions, regardless of type, need to support the growing number of national, international, industry and personal data compliance obligations, while supporting business goals, such as employee training and customer service insight.

Like the rest of the world, organisations in Asia Pacific are subject to compliance and personal data legislation such as the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Furthermore, while legislation such as the Dodd-Frank Act in the US and MiFID II in Europe do not cover Singapore directly, businesses that deal with customers in these territories will be subject to them.

Each of these acts requires, in some part, that organisations record, securely store, and manage call recordings across multiple channels for compliance and audit purposes.

Businesses now need to record calls and digital communications across a growing number of communication channels, including fixed and mobile calls, texts, SMS, chat, as well as enterprise applications such as Avaya, MS Teams, Mitel, Cisco, Refinitiv and Bloomberg.

Call recording for Avaya PBX from Touch

Touch Call Recording Service encompasses more than 50 channels, including on-premise Avaya PBX integrations. As such, it ensures rich compatibility with the complete enterprise voice solution enabled by Avaya. In addition, the Touch PBX recorder can integrate with the Avaya APIs, if required. Touch also supports one of the leading on-premise PBX systems, Avaya IP Office.

Our solution captures voice streams and metadata, which are then combined into recording files for storage. All recordings are managed through the user-friendly Touch Web-Portal. On-demand or always recording modes, and exclusions based on white-listed numbers, are also supported.

Secure, unified, multi-channel call recording

But these capabilities are not limited to Avaya. Touch Call Recording Service can be adapted to any vendor- or enterprise-specific API, including Mitel MX-ONE, Cisco Call Manager, Alcatel Lucent, Unify, and more.

It means that any enterprise telephony system can be integrated into a modern, call recording platform, regardless of your preferred deployment type. It also means that our solutions are compatible with all relevant interfaces, covering legacy ISDN, as well as VoIP and SIP.

Contact us today, to find out how Touch can ensure call recording capabilities for on-premise Avaya PBX, and other leading communications systems.



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Comprehensive, multi-channel compliance recording for Refinitiv Messenger

As one of the most competitive financial regions in the world, much of the Asia Pacific financial industry relies on the data Refinitiv Messenger provides. This also means that meeting compliance obligations requires a comprehensive call recording strategy that covers not just Refinitiv Messenger, but all other communications channels.

What uptime and availability do you expect of your call recording solution ?

Touch Call Recording Service offers 100% availability, backed by comprehensive, 24x7 support and assurance.

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