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Business agility requires a unified, multi-channel approach to recording fixed and mobile calls, and digital communications

Business agility requires a unified, multi-channel approach to recording fixed and mobile calls, and digital communications

Stricter compliance obligations, the growth of remote and flexible working, and rapidly evolving trends in popular media channels mean that organisations require a comprehensive multi-channel call recording platform. 

The way we work, live, and communicate has evolved considerably. The ability to work remotely and flexibly – using a growing number of devices and communications channels – is not only increasingly demanded by employees (and customers), but also by business agility and performance requirements.

This trend has magnified the need for organisations to be agile and flexible in their business operations to not only respond to market forces and customer behaviour, but also unforeseen twists and turns along the way. Increasingly this will embrace remote and home working across a growing number of media channels.

Mobile, MS Teams, Skype, legacy PBX – call recording for over 40 channels

More than ever, financial advisers, customer service, and even the emergency services, to name just a few, have come to rely on multi-channel mobile and digital communications technologies – including mobile calls, SMS, enterprise collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, and legacy enterprise apps – to operate efficiently and flexibly. Of course, the growing body of stringent compliance obligations has not gone away either.

It means that organisations required to record, store, and retrieve call recordings and digital communications for a variety of purposes – such as compliance, employee training, auditing, improved customer service, SLA requirements, or to unlock value from data – need a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to call recording in order to remain strategically competitive, and to meet increasingly stringent compliance obligations, now and in the future.

Mobile call recording has been at the forefront of many recent changes to compliance and legislative requirements, including:

  • MAS regulations;
  • PDPA; and
  • European legislation, such as MiFID and GDPR

At the same time, mobile devices have become the de facto way for customers and employees to interact. So how can you ensure reliable mobile call recording, with secure storage and retrieval for files?

Multi-channel mobile call recording offers agility and flexibility

Touch Call Recording Service is a comprehensive, unified, multi-channel, and managed call recording service, integrated with PBX technologies, enterprise chat-based channels, and operator networks.

Touch Call Recording Service is a complete network-based solution for a mobile and remote workforce. It allows easy, rapid on-boarding – with managed migration service options - and seamlessly integrates with mobile devices. The recording function is in the mobile operator’s network ensuring consistent and reliable recording of mobile calls, independently of the mobile device used.

The only way to consistently and reliably record mobile calls is by locating the recording function in the mobile network. This demands connectivity to the mobile operator’s network. Our service record calls directly in the network and makes them available to management and administrators in the web-portal.

Mobile call recording from Touch

Mobile call recording from Touch ensures secure storage for as long as you need. Because files are encrypted, they are only accessible to authorised users.

The service is fully integrated with the Singtel network, so it’s easy to add the service to your existing calling and subscription plans.

Touch Call Recording for multi-channel digital communications

But Touch Call Recording Service embraces far more than mobile phone calls and texts. It’s an all-in-one, multi-channel managed service that can be integrated with hosted and on-premises PBX technologies, enterprise chat-based channels, and social media platforms.

Our service enables the recording of over 40 communications channels – including fixed line calls, IP telephony calls, MS Teams, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Mitel, Cisco, Refinitiv, and Bloomberg.

Touch has been a trusted provider of recording services for multinational financial organisations and business for over a decade. We were the first company in Europe to offer Call Recording as a Service, and we can optimise our solutions and services to the needs of different users and company sizes. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out how we can solve your call recording challenges.

Written on 25 May 2021
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