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Touch Call Recording

Touch Call Recording

Key factors to consider when planning your call recording strategy

The obligation for organisations to record fixed and mobile calls, as well as digital communications, has grown dramatically in recent years in order to comply with regulatory mandates, enhance staff training and development, and create a richer set of auditable records, across all communication sources.

Data security – are your call recordings secure?

The need to ensure that call and digital recordings are stored securely is a universal obligation for businesses in the Asia-Pacific region, even though there may be local differences in the regulations governing personal data and financial transactions.

Are you meeting your Dodd-Frank compliance obligations?

The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a US federal law enacted in 2010 that overhauled financial regulations with the aim of preventing the financial crisis from occurring again. While it does not directly apply to Asia and Singapore, organisations in the region still need to ensure they comply. What do you need to do and how can Touch help?

Magic Quadrant for Call Recording as a Service in Asia. How would Touch compare?

Enterprises are increasingly migrating from on-premise enterprise applications to cloud-based options to secure a range of capabilities, from storage to collaboration to call recording. Here, Touch creates its own version of the famous Gartner magic quadrant for call recording.

Recording Bloomberg messaging and chat to meet MiFID II compliance obligations

In July 2021, Bloomberg changed its minimum data retention policy across all of its services – including Instant Bloomberg and Bloomberg chat – to just 2 years. But with many compliance regulations, such as MiFID II and GDPR, requiring data to be stored for at least 5 years, organisations who previously relied on Bloomberg to retain their data, need to find new solutions. 

Touch and Singtel partnership provides comprehensive in-network call recording service for financial service companies in Singapore

As the regulatory landscape becomes increasingly complex, financial organisations in the Singapore region are turning to partners Singtel and Touch for their mobile voice recording needs.

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