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Complete Mobile Call Recording Service

Take advantage of a complete mobile voice and messaging recording solution as a service for your business. It allows you to record calls and digital communications for a wide range of purposes, such as legal compliance, quality assurance, training and more. Touch Call Recording is a trusted, globally proven service that meets all of your call recording needs.

Everything you need

Touch Call Recording Service captures all mobile voice calls and messages, with no equipment and no applications. It can easily be activated, helping you to comply with regulations such as PDPA, GDPR and MiFID II. It’s backed by secure, fully encrypted storage, protecting your data and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Secure access is enabled through a permission-based access portal.

An extensive call recording feature set to meet the needs of your organisation

Touch Mobile Call Recording Service is backed by a host of valuable features and the deep experience to ensure they fully support the needs of your organisation

Compliance Call Recording Service

PBX Recording Service

SMS and MMS Recording Service

Chat Recording Service

Compliance Call Recording Service

If your business operates in financial services markets and has or works with partners in the EU, you may be covered by legislation such as The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU (known as ‘MiFID II’). This mandates the recording of all calls that relate to key financial transactions – and from all digital media, with the aim of providing better protection for investors and a clear audit trail for financial services companies.

Touch Call Recording Service is fully compliant with MiFID II and other key legislation, such as PDPA and GDPR. It is delivered from the cloud and spans all relevant digital channels.

Touch provides flexible, scalable storage to meet all relevant regulations, helping to protect your business and to provide clear audit trails.

Standards compliance for your business

  • Personal Data Act, e.g. PDPA, GDPR
  • Financial regulations, e.g. MiFID II statutory requirements
  • Local and international requirements
  • Industry regulations

Personal Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides strict guidelines for all companies regarding the protection and storage of personal data. Mobile call recording solutions must be included within compliance programmes.

Touch Call Recording Service is fully compliant with GDPR procedures, which means your organisation can ensure that it meets all regulatory requirements.


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